happy april

another new month, another old and withered and gone.
i cannot believe we currently stand on the beginnings of april.

i cannot believe it has almost been an entire year since i packed up and shipped out for three months.

i cannot believe we are in spring, that summer is two months away.

why not appreciate the moment, this here and now, instead?

april is poetry month. yes, the entire month.

i cannot believe how excited i am about this.

though i am inconsistent and irresponsible more than the average adult human (i think), i would like to say that this month, every day, i am going to write a poem here. the length doesn’t matter, the content doesn’t matter. what matters is that i am writing, practicing, releasing. what matters is i will continually be or try to be in touch with creativity.

that is awesome.

care to join me?

send me links to your stuff!

i would love to read, whatever poetry comes out of you.

today, a simple haiku.

april’s tarot cards:
the madness of march, released.
the tower of change.

and you?


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One thought on “happy april

  1. Cant wait to read your words daily!!

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