trust is a delicate thing;
do i believe your tongue? or
do i question until the words change faces, completely? —

the anxious warp.

encompassing arms left me with bruised ribs, the consequences of living, life, openly.

vulnerability is an invitation to some, for use and misuse.

how do i know diamonds from the rough

when all is a gullible road map to potential?

what signs do i heed? what truths do i swallow?

perhaps, simply, only, solely —

the small and inconsequential murmur tucked between heart and throat like a love note waiting patiently to be consumed.


your heart beats in a language you can learn.


(p.s: thank you to those who responded yesterday — your suggestions were all helpful. i am feeling much less tense today.)

(p.p.s: this is how i feel, musically, today. music is a powerful tool, experience, presence…notes and voices and tones react with our chemicals for some sense of a blissful experience. check out this song, i hope you like it.


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2 thoughts on “inside

  1. cristaramone on said:

    I love this song. Just puts you in a mood, can’t describe what it is. But it’s great.

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