on this day

facebook tells me that, three years ago today i spent the night at a hostel in interlaken, switzerland, pictured here.
i think of these mountains often — the ones who stole my breath, swallowed my iphone whole, and lodged themselves so deep into my memory i’m unable to forget their awe-striking faces.

even now, as i trip down memory lane i am floored — startled by how beautiful one place can possible be. i ache to be back there, breathing in the clean scent of a clean mountain town.

three years ago was so very different. i think back to the girl i was and i want to tell her — don’t worry. don’t worry about your phone, missing in those high ridges. don’t worry about the people you left behind on the california coast. don’t worry about what you’ve done, what you’re to do, and all the questionable bits in between.

i want to tell the 22 year old girl i was to bathe in the scenery of a country her heart will recall fondly, despite the phone loss incident. i want to tell her she’s beautiful, despite what a mind riddled with an eating disorder would say. i want to tell her she’s on the right path, despite the doubt at every turn. i want to tell her appreciate every step, every step, every step.

never take for granted the day you occupy. throwing all your attention elsewhere steals from you the chance to soak so deeply in the presence before you, all around you. there is great beauty to be seen. there is great love to be felt. worry is a waste. worry is a boon. it will take from you the gorgeousness of your present.

so i say to you, now, don’t worry. don’t worry about whether you are headed in the right direction. don’t worry if you came the right way. don’t worry about how you come across, if you are wearing the right clothing, if you are listening to the right music. don’t worry.

try and catch the bigness of the mountains with you eyes, instead.

love, love, love


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One thought on “on this day

  1. Donna on said:

    Thanks Zoe once again, you lifted me up with your beautiful words. I needed to read this today, I am finding myself wandering into the future instead of enjoying the present and all that it has to offer. We love you very much…Donna

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