a word

choosing a word to represent the new year never occurred to me until i read about it
what an ingenious idea! a word to funnel your energy into! a single word to focus on every waking day! truly a concept worth taking advantage of.

and so i set about deciding on the word for my year. word here meaning ‘focus’. immediately ‘authenticity’ came to mind. i carried it around for a couple of days, mulling over its texture, edges, definitions. yet, only a few days later a second word cropped up and took ‘authenticity’ from its 2015 throne of importance.

‘consistency’ reigns.

‘consistency’ — a word whose definition i’ve never quite upheld. consistency and i do not work together. i start and stop and start and stop all sorts of projects and dreams. i turn around and walk away right at the crucial moment. in jobs, in relationships, in hobbies. nothing sticks for some fear i can’t figure out.

but consistency is the glue for progress. what will stick if you constantly shrug your shoulders clean of it, like it was no thing to begin with?

so consistency is my word. consistency for my yoga practice. consistency for my healthy eating habits. consistency in my friendships, relationship, work ethic. consistency when i can manage and consistency even when i feel like i cannot. consistency in my self-care routines and consistency in my thoughts and actions.

boredom may prevail. i may wish to rebel against what i perceive to be monotony. but with consistency, i pledge to stay consistent. i here by promise to do good by myself, to tunnel vision my energy on this one word. for with consistency comes what i ultimately wish for — authenticity. if i am consistent, i am more apt to feel stable, grounded, centered, and strong. if i chose to show up despite, i am choosing to show up for myself, again and again, further digging my roots into something worth while. from here i can truly grow what has already sprouted. from here i can spiral upward to the shining sun of progression.

the full embodiment of this word already feels challenging. but it’s a challenge i whole heartedly accept as my own. thanks in advance, 2015, for being a wonderful lesson.

what’s YOUR “word” for 2015?

love, light, beauty, and peace,


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2 thoughts on “a word

  1. I am still deciding on my “word” for the year, but I think acceptance has slowly been growing inside of me. Accepting the way I am feeling, accepting that I can do productive things, accepting my limitations, accepting vulnerability, accepting guidance, accepting that I am liked and trust that I am confident to reach out. This is a great post!! Thanks Zoe.

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