thoughts i am not

kiss my brain
and make it all better

it’s a beautiful mind, she said

i wanted to saw open my skull

empty its contents

and deliver that beauty unto her

“you worry too much”

perhaps i do

and perhaps i do

so none of you

will ever have to

the road to healer

starts with healing

my self

so eventually my health

can become the world’s wealth

since i am the world

and the world is me

we’re connected through

each intricacy

wounds whose scabs i refuse to pick

transform into one more soothed spirit,

one less ripple in the collective sea

one more calm from which we can breath energy

so yes, perhaps today i am worried

perhaps today i am scared

but if i keep paying attention

and moving forward, despite,

my lessons will be learned,


last night i sat to breathe

to hear only

“value these emotions and they will transform”

don’t push away the worry

don’t shun the sorrow, or the fear

pull them close, hold them here,

make room for them in your

infinite home

rest with them until you see

the friend they are

and not the ghost you believe

you are not your thoughts

your thoughts are not you

continue to see the blue of the sky

no matter what you do



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One thought on “thoughts i am not

  1. Katie on said:

    This is beautiful, really.

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