a chance for celebration

yesterday i messaged a friend about feeling lousy
under-slept and overworked, i felt empty apathy ebbing and flowing all day

like a good friend she listened, and offered beautiful advice

mainly: “it’s true that you may be your biggest obstacle, but to be honest i see you working everyday to be a good, kind, and loving person. i think we should take a moment to celebrate that success!”

what a reminder —

to appreciate accomplishments. to see where i grew from. to be less serious. to believe in internal goodness. to CELEBRATE life instead of lament it.

today i reread past blogs posts from early 2011, the beginning of the end, the start of the journey i walk now. in a few short paragraphs i saw exactly how much change my little being has managed in three years. i am still fiery, still passionate, still thoughtfully argumentative. i still walk every day like i am walking a mission.

but my god, the progress! the change! how do i forget where i came from? how do i not stop, every single day, for a minute of simple celebration? how do i continue to hold life with such serious standards?

the people in my life currently show me how to do the opposite. my friends, my parents, my coworkers, my love — every person i meet and interact with shows me how to play, laugh, and release.

life is not a game with a plot to write or a strategy to figure. life is what happens while we inhale and what happens when we exhale.

so let’s take a fucking moment to celebrate.

tell me, without hesitation, without mulling, without weighing out a “right” answer, what are you proud of?


i am proud of how deep i dove and dive in the name of love — to save my self from myself and challenge the deeply ingrained habits and thought patterns keeping me from living life fully. even when that meant and means scaring the ever living shit out of myself.

and you?

let’s celebrate.



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