seven days of gratitude: day seven

oops, missed posting yesterday.
life flow occasionally flows unscheduled.

regardless, what an amazing seven days. the little intentions breed the biggest changes. as my physical health improves, my mental attitudes improve — and vice versa. i am feeling stronger, happier, and healthier for having done this. i will continue to do this, perhaps embarking on a thirty day challenge at one point…

today i am grateful for my hoop.

if you don’t know me, i am a hoop dancer. i dance, with and inside of a hula hoop. i do so on the near daily. i love everything about this sacred circle.

i am a few months out from my two year hoop-a-versary. the first time i picked up a hula hoop as an adult was about two years ago, while at a music festival somewhere outside of berlin.

i met a magical gypsy woman from ireland who showed me a few moves. a light awoke within me. i knew that when i got home i would get my hands on a circle of my very own.

and i did.

i made a very heavy, yellow-striped hoop before my twenty-third birthday. the rest? history.

my hoop has taught me the art of patience. it taught me the meaning of the word flow. it taught me body appreciation and allowed me to see where my body holds tension. it taught me how to let go. it taught me how to laugh at myself, how to be okay with experimentation, how to give up frustration and how to evolve, continually and consciously.

the hoop awakens my child-like joy. it introduces me to beautiful and amazing people. it gives me freedom like i’ve never known.

i got to hoop yesterday for the first time in two weeks. words do not do justice to the happiness i felt as i flowed.

i am forever grateful for the teacher that is my hoop.



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