seven days of gratitude: day two

day two brings a load to be grateful for.
the absolutely beautiful weather, a solid nights sleep, increased health, good food, a clean room. the list continues.

however, what really, truly stands out for me today is my family.

like most families, ours is an interesting relationship. despite its challenging qualities, it is most definitley built on a solid foundation of unconditional love and support. i am blessed to have been born to two hard working, endlessly loving, wildly patient and wholly supportive parents.

i never question and never had to question whether i was and am loved. my parents sent me to school, fed me, clothed me, and allowed me to explore whatever curious endeavors appealed to me. and all without judgement.

additionally, i count my lucky stars for my little brother. we are super close and can talk about anything. although there are four years between us, i am still able to receive such grounding, amazing bits of wisdom from him. he makes me laugh harder than almost anyone i know.

outside of my immediate family, i am lucky to have such encouraging, unique, and loving relatives. my aunts, uncles, and cousins are such genuinely sweet people. i’ve literally been surrounded by love from the moment i entered the world. our family makes it a point to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and special events together. i know that, if faced with an issue, i can lean on the support of every aunt, uncle, and cousin.

not a lot of people can say that about their families.



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