seven days of gratitude: day one

here is the honest truth:
i want to be a more grateful person.

i want to naturally recognize the beauty, light, love, and endless splendor i am surrounded by every day. i want to count blessings, move with and from compassion, and find joy in the mundane.

however, to do so requires an active practice of cultivation.

very often i get lost in the murky underbelly of my internal world. while i am there i lose sight of the incredibly obvious big picture. i am unable to connect with the beating hearts i meet and i see very little past my own self. all i seem to notice are my personal dramas, mishaps, and mistakes.

with this admittance, it is easy to want to reprimand myself for being selfishly blind, for not stepping outside of myself long enough to see how childish my actions are.

but there is no reason to react so harshly. acknowledging my shortcomings humbles me appropriately. the simple act of noticing where i fall short is a beauty in and of itself. seeing where i lack allows me the opportunity to change, to lay down my painful habitual patterns and start anew.

initially when i cooked up this idea, my brain went “DO 100 DAYS!” but then my more rational side kicked in and said “maybe just start with seven”. ah yes, rational brain, thank you. i do tend to bite off more than i can easily chew…

so here i am. day one of a week long commitment to expressing gratitude.

today, i find myself grateful for a variety of things and a host of people.

however, i want to mention just how very grateful i am for my friends. a few checked in on me today, asked how i am doing. one helped me out of an anxious hole. another let me know how i inspire her, surprisingly me completely. last night, one of my close friends called me and told me a really funny story right before i fell asleep.

these are the people who hold me. these are the people who support, love, and root for me. these are the people i laugh with, cry with, and adventure with. where would i be without such special souls?

thank you to all of you who inspire me on the daily. thank you for being your goofy selves. thank you for imparting all the wisdom you do. thank you for being you.

you friend, are one of my life’s biggest blessings.



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2 thoughts on “seven days of gratitude: day one

  1. Gede Prama on said:

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words and for such a wonderful response…:)

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