heal with gratitude

days do not forever rise full of sun and shine and light love
occasionally i wake to an anxious stomach and a fearful mind.

my internal peaceful pool ripples, generating nausea and bumbling confusion as i sway to and fro on the crests of emotional waves.

i am learning that this state of humanness is unavoidable. yet, i am learning that it too can be met with a state of gentleness and loving-kind attention. all our discomfort can be met with a curious mind and an open heart. after all, each emotion we experience is simply a lesson attempting to make itself heard, known, acknowledged and understood (much like any human being on this planet).

unfortunately, we live in a world where personal negativity is not generally cared for in healthy ways, particularly ones that are readily accessible for all. the art of proper breathing and calming meditation is not taught unless it is sought out. we walk around holding stale breath and minds unable to rest, wondering why anxiety and depression are such common afflictions.

additionally, the healing of yoga is not spread widely despite the science backing its power. in fact, i see it as too expensive for most to approach and thus, sadly, rather elitist.

i’ve found that openly discussing uncomfortable emotions is pushed away — no one wants to be seen as ‘that sad woman’ (or man) so we lock up how we truly feel under the guise that everything ‘is fine’, creating communication problems and heightening internal battles.

so when issues pop up, we cope in various ways. some of us are lucky enough to be immersed in healing and helpful practices but the remainder of us turn toward other directions. some of us use drugs. some of us sleep. some of us eat and some of us refuse food. some of us hurt ourselves, some of us hurt others. some of us drink and some of us isolate ourselves from the world.

what no one really ever tells us is that our emotions cannot actually hurt us. if we can learn how to view them as wounded friends who may need some attention, we can transform them, and hold them close. we can take them from the mind and pass them through the heart, feeling them fully and allowing them to disintegrate out of our grasp. most pain comes from attachment, from holding on to failed expectations, to wants and desires. if we can let go, we can let flow again and feel our connectedness that is always permanent.

one of the most powerful and cost-free means of acknowledging and letting sadness go comes from the very practice of compassion and gratitude — to see our sadnesses, accept them, and then turn around and see the positives.

it is simple and it is free and it is easy to do, anywhere at anytime. if you are new to expressing gratitude, initially the practice may feel fake or disconnected. you may feel angry or silly. you might think that what you are doing is stupid.

but what you are doing is planting seeds. seeds take time to grow. so you return, you water, you wait. you come back, daily, to put a little more love into what you are trying to grow.

there is a reason it is called a practice. you must return, repeatedly, for results. eventually, the practice of gratitude will become habit, and a strong part of your life. with it will come an ability to better manage the ups and downs of life, to see all happenings as blessed and beautiful, no matter what has occurred.

i know this because gratitude and compassion are what i practice for balance. this is what i come back to when i feel deflated and disengaged from my life source. this is what i start with when i sense a loss of love. this is what i plant, water, and wait for.

change and healing starts with acknowledging. then, with action.

so, today, be grateful. today, choose to hear yourself and let it go. today, chose love.

today, i am grateful:

for my cats who each sat on either side of the television only to discover one another and reach out a playful paw

for this day off, with nothing to do but yoga, hoop, and read

for the patient and kind love in my life

for the silence of the house

for eggs from my friends farm that made an awesome breakfast

for the time and space i get to write, reflect, and relax

for today, because i am alive and breathing and all is well, regardless



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3 thoughts on “heal with gratitude

  1. So beautifully explained. It’s really too bad that most people don’ feel this way. Even more, they don’t know how easy it to change, with practice.

  2. Katie on said:

    Your perspective helps me so much, and I am glad I came back to your blog today. I’m 30 years old and just realizing that my life can be so much more than worry and anxiety!! That I can be happy and appreciate every moment…I have experienced it, so I KNOW it’s possible!! I love your analogy of seeing negative and anxious emotions as wounded friends. As always, thank you. :)

    • you are so very welcome, katie. happy to hear you are realizing just how wonderful you and your life are! hope you are well today <3

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