i am an adult, with child-like dreams

i want peace, and quiet steadiness.
i want routine, mixed with wildness. i want great, lasting love. i want sky, birds, musical nature. i want the sounds of waves, the wind in the redwoods. i want bare feet, in grass, in dirt, in sand. i want to meet people and share in the process of healing. i want to use my hands. i want to sing, loudly, and listen as the mountains echo back. i want to try and keep describing all the intricacies inside you and i. i want to care for the earth, tenderly love her closer to health. i want to unite my heart with the worlds rhythm. i want to nurture. i want to grow. i want to dance with open space. i want to photograph moments and memories. i want bring yoga to all the people i can. i want to gather the people i love and listen to their hands make music. i want to cook meals for a love my heart knows. i want to care for animals. i want to sip cups of tea in the morning on a wooden deck as the sun comes up. i want to travel far, to explore wide. i want to learn, every day. i want to create, inspire, listen, love, share, and laugh, all the days i can.

however silly, impossible, privileged, unrealistic, childish, lame, or unobtainable all these wants may be…

it doesn’t matter.

because i’ve learned through careful listening and careful applying that honoring what lies within the heart can only lead to happiness.

so dream big. dream bright. dream to your hearts content. it can only lead you in the right direction.


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2 thoughts on “i am an adult, with child-like dreams

  1. One of my biggest fears is that I’ll work my life away and wake up one morning to realize I’m 60 and did nothing with my life… A friend of mine said it’s a sign immaturity that I’m not willing to just accept life’s harsh reality, but I know what I want, and I refuse to believe I can’t achieve it somehow… So I’m with you, dreaming my dreams!

    • ah yes, i’ve been told very similar things. a lot of words along the times of, “that’s nice, zoe, but that’s also not real life.” i am left wondering, why not? keep living out of your heart, celynne!

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