musically recharged

the concept of change has bled into the tiny tight corners of my life.
last night i hooped beneath a starry banner like i do most every night. occasionally there is music, occasionally just the sounds darkness provides.

i chose to blend a mix of music and nature. i turned the volume up on my headphones but simply allowed them to rest on my neck, not over my ears. this way, i heard the call of night time life and felt nonsingular in my practice.

initially the music inspired me. i connected to the soft sadness in voices from strangers. yet, a thought burned up into existence while i twirled.

music provides some of the most gorgeous inspiration. we connect with a sound or with a sentence and find beauty in it. we find we are not alone, but supported. last night, as i took notice of what words i felt strongly connected to, it occurred to me how utterly opposite the words were to how i was feeling.

no, i was and am not desperate or sad or longing. i am not broken hearted or depressed. i am, actually, quite peaceful and happy currently. life is not perfect but in its imperfections there is serenity and tranquility — there is positive essence in everything.

changing perspectives is as easy as switching up the pandora station.

last night i chose to reconnect with my roots and found myself instinctively typing into pandora the name ‘janis joplin’. every song i heard — those from led zeppelin, creedence, janis, and jimi hendrix — sunk me into deeper happiness. these groovy, soulful sounds helped me to connect to the often neglected parts of my self and switch up my perspective.

suddenly i was not moving with heavy sadness, the stagnation found from listening to the same music over and over. instead i flowed with incredible, delightful joy, the same feeling i gain when i choose to open my mind and view the world through a different filter.

perhaps take notice of the music that moves you, daily. see what it is actually saying. is it encouraging melancholy? do you feel depleted or uplifted? do the words and melody fall in line with your inner most intentions?

i sure hope so!


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One thought on “musically recharged

  1. Z just was checking my email and got notice of the recent post. Not sure how I missed it yesterday, funny though I really enjoyed this one tonight. Like a wonderful bedtime story that leaves your mind ready for a good nights slumber. Funny how the universe can give us just what we need when needed! I guess I was meant to see this tonight. Another wonderful post Z! I am feeling so much more open in spirit and soul after reading your blog. Thank you Z ! Good nite, sleep well! We love you Zoe – lots and then some! see you soon. Donna

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