i hooped in the dark, listening to the coyotes of the hills howl beneath the moon.

their chorus was terrifying, and electric, like a full moon on halloween. fear froze me for a heartbeat. adrenalin melted me into action and i sprung for the front door.

there is so much life outside.

birds fly overhead every day. the streets i walk are crowded with dogs and people. we have two cats at home. last night in san francisco i shouted “city raccoons!” to myself in the car when two fat guys wadded across the street. about two or three weeks ago a skunk popped out of the gutter and stared me down while i hooped on my drive way. deer are common enough in the area to prompt the posting of yellow signs printed with a solid black deer.

crickets sing at night.

birds sing in the morning.

coyotes howl at the moon.

and all of this makes me so hugely happy.

to the simple things,


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  1. This is beautiful!

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