i am alive!

twenty four years ago i entered the world with red hair and blue eyes.
the red faded to blonde and the blue faded to green as i grew, but the life i was born with continued to blossom, up until this very day, where i now have brown hair and hazel green eyes.

i woke up this morning to a happy, filled up heart. there was fog, stretching itself over the green landscape outside my window. i meditated as i listened to the birds find one another. it was quiet and i was light.

one of our latest assignments for yoga asked us to describe our spiritual roller coaster. to me, this is like the roller coaster of life. the spirit is life to me, and can be described in the outlining of our darkest and brightest days.

in my last paragraph, i wrote:

I am lucky to be here and be whole and be happy with who I am. I was angry for a long time at my struggles. I thought they ruined me. But they only educated me. They only expanded my capacity. I am grateful for the experience, as I have found peace with this body and now work on the tendering of the self and the soul. I am working with the love I’ve learned in trying to reflect it back upon my self. I am learning how little it serves the world and me to play small and insignificant. I am guiding my self toward real intuition and real balance. It all comes with time, but it is easier now that I have spiritual ground and a deep belief in the connectedness of my self to this world and this world to me.

i feel this entirely today. i am so grateful to have breath in my lungs, love in my heart, and lightness in my soul. i am moving forward into this new year of life feeling like quite a different person.

i am thankful to be alive, thankful to be love and loved, and thankful to have another day!

here’s to another year of learning, trusting, growing, and expanding!



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2 thoughts on “i am alive!

  1. i finally found your blog! :)

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