a reminder


this is a reminder to breathe.

to fill your lungs up, your heart up, your spirit, up.

this is a reminder to notice — the green of the trees, the blue of the cloudless sky, the life, buzzing around you.

this is a reminder to relax your shoulders, to release the tension in your abdomen, and to feel your feet, your roots, your connection to the earth.

this is a reminder to lift your eyes up, and greet the next person you see with a friendly face.

this is a reminder that life is not to be taken so seriously, but is to be cherished, loved, and hugged, whenever possible.

this is your reminder to smile, to laugh, with your whole being, because you are alive and exactly where and who and what you need to be.

namaste, sunflowers.


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3 thoughts on “a reminder

  1. Reads like poetry. Beautiful.

  2. I love reading your musing’s, keep em coming Zoe. I really needed to read that today! Thank you for sharing your heart, mind and beautiful soul with all of us. Love you lots Zoe! Donna

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