happy may, lovelies.

april was quite the month. QUITE. (quite FUCKING GREAT).

i am currently in the process of moving, so have few words for the moment. i am mainly trying to box up my shit (oh, how i wish i could throw the majority of my possessions to the wind right now) and remain balanced and calm while doing so. major life changes usually upset me until i settle again and all the shifting has stopped. did i tell you i am human?

in lieu of words i being you photographs i’ve snapped recently.

namaste, and again, happy new month!

we are closer to summer, and closer to revival.







(me and my brother, circa 1994)


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3 thoughts on “mayday

  1. to a new, beautiful month! excited to hear about your moving adventures– was thinking about you today!

  2. dorasnow on said:

    I had to smile at your comment about wanting to throw possessions to the wind. I have to clear out my accumulated ‘stuff’ every so often. I hope the move goes well.
    Thank you for sharing these photos. The first one is gorgeous (and unusual) and the one of the doggie made my morning :-)

  3. Okay that picture of you and your brother in ’94 is too precious. I’m grinning from ear to ear. I love seeing pictures of people when they are little – you can really see how not much has changed. I’ve never even met you in person but your smile is just the same. So sweet.

    And that first pic is so unusual and lovely – I should carry around marbles more often!

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