serendipitous, later-afternoon park meetings,
in san francisco with strangers, who don’t feel so strange.

dancers, teaching me
how to fly —

how to fold into the fold without permission asked, how to hum freely.

with boom box booming we moved toward walls, away from wind,
an early evening side-walk-street show ramble,
stopping traffic with expression.

am i allowed? a question my body answered for me, tingling, softly.
the alive part of aliveness as i swung and swayed.

in the kitchen, nook of salvation, he asked:

“what is your greatest fear?” a question,
from a mouth with a name memory has thrown out.

i did not speak of my fear of the dark, or of spiders on walls.

simply, “vulnerability”.

“i used to be like that too — a lone wolf” he said, “very protective, unable to trust”

“i used to be like that, too.”

and it was like the universe was using someone else’s lips to tell me its secrets.

whoever i was, i was

whoever i am,

i am becoming.

whoever i am, i am.

“stop apologizing”, said the girl with the red hair.

i think i will.


(i cannot tell you of the amazing, magnetic, lovely people i keep meeting. seek the energy you wish to surround yourself with and it will appear. trust new opportunities, do not be suspicious of those you secretly admire. trust. i am very grateful, feeling very blessed and cared for today. participating in life will do that, i think.)

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2 thoughts on “serendipity

  1. You’re right, I didnt read this yet. Beautiful people and beautiful thoughts xx

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