here and home (today and yesterday)

campfire hair,
wooden skin, smoke infused lungs, queens and kings
on the edges of california, twirling fire
and circles and happy hearts,
in fog, in sand, tempting cliffs and fate —

it is good to feel at home.

yesterday’s poem:

the day was picture perfect — the way god* intended it.
with kites and sun rays. beach growling and sand singing.

who could live in the state of land-locked?


(*i feel the need to explain to no one in particular that ‘god’ does not stand for ‘god’. the definition is a little too much/too unnecessary to explain)

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9 thoughts on “here and home (today and yesterday)

  1. This picture put a smile on my face! Such cute feet! :)

  2. took me a long time to get here :D checking your two old blogs. why don’t you link this blog to your gravatar profile ;) btw love the last sentence of your about page

  3. We would love to post that at toemail if you do not mind? Just need a location and we are good to go!

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