build up

the build up has arrived
ideas, words, phrases —
boil and spill over inside

i am whistling like a tea kettle ready to be tipped,
but exist like a bruise — blood without an exit wound

much love,


(this was a fancy way to say: I HAVE GNARLY WRITER’S BLOCK DESPITE AN ABUNDANCE OF IDEAS. it’s obnoxious.)

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4 thoughts on “build up

  1. well, that was a really beautiful way to say you have writer’s block. So there’s that :)

    • optimism very much appreciated :)

      • haha I totally agree with debbie – the first thing i thought, actually! i love the rhyme with bruise and wound – and the imagery is so visceral and true.
        aaaand i’m having the same problem with songwriting. so many ideas – yet the words just flop!

  2. I feel that way too sometimes, I have so much going on in my head but I can’t articulate it to save my life

    Sending you a hug x

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