holiday heart

happy holidays to all celebrating
this morning i am uneasy, on and off like the rain showers outside.

i am lucky, though, to be a documenter, with records of my years here in journals. i’ve just finished reading through late 2011 and early 2012, and discovered enough facts to lift my spirits.

from this time last year to this exact moment, i have changed a million ways to sunday. every intention i unknowingly penned became a truth. my intentions became realities.

i don’t know if that is because manifestation is a wholly under rated and under used method of exacting your dreams. but. consider me a believer. more so than i already am.

no matter how i feel now, i take comfort in knowing how much more free i am, how much more whole, happy, strong, and confident i am, on a regular basis. none of these things have ever been regular pieces of my existence.

today i want to give you the gift of words powerful in their positivity. not everyone feels joyful on holidays. regardless, i still want you to know:

life changes.

whether you’re taking detailed inventory or simply floating, unattached, life moves. life shifts when you let it. life changes when you want it to. keep moving forward, keep testing your personal boundaries. you’ll never know your soul’s limits unless you live, fully, the etchings of your longest dreamed dreams.

nearly a year ago i scribbled in a new journal words i wish to impart to you:

as much as anyone else,
deserve happiness, peace, and love
in all the days of your life.


much love,


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One thought on “holiday heart

  1. girl, i know the feeling of that mixed feeling-ness during holidays – but look – you found a healthy way of healing your emotions by reading old journal entries. That’s a great habit to have! And also just sitting and reflecting with whatever you feel now, too.

    merry christmas, and peace from paris :)

    p.s. I have a long email to write back to you!

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