common sense i’ve finally tuned into

do you know how much time i devoted to pleasing other people?
to feeling anxious over what so-and-so thought?

those minutes (probably years) will never come back.


boy, what a waste.

there is a time and a place to wonder about what so-and-so thinks

like in a job interview or at the beginning of what you think may become a new relationship

otherwise, man…

just do you. without thinking too deeply about what other people might say/think/do in reaction. trust in your abilities. trust in your path. follow your hearts desires and march to that beat you were born with. people will try, always, to knock you down. not everyone will like you. not everyone will understand you or even want to try to. but guess what?

none of that matters.

only you need to like you, in the end.

only you need to believe in you. if other people wind up believing in you along the way, consider it a beautiful addition of love in your life.

i’ve learned a lot this year. by far the most important thing i’ve learned — by far — is this:

don’t allow other people to dictate your life.

’cause what kind of life is that, really?

much love,


(p.s: i am still, surprisingly, unmistakably, wildly happy. things have been thrown in my face to challenge or off-set that recently too but nothing has changed. i am laughing louder than i have in years.)

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3 thoughts on “common sense i’ve finally tuned into

  1. Ah! Now that I understand wordpress more I can comment hère :) Love this post, Zoe. Actually so in tune with these same thoughts at the moment. Thank you for sharing – I will read this not only when I lose sight of myself, but even when I see myself well :)

  2. I wish I was able to hold onto it as well. It slipped again, somehow. Shortlived; 5days of bliss

  3. yeah, I’ve learned that recently too. It’s freeing.

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