i slept in today

till 10:44, where i woke up vaguely nauseous
and very mildly ‘blah’ all over

thanksgiving brought with it beautiful weather,
a nice hour long walk to the water and back
with ‘this american life’ in my ears

the ‘blahs’ never lifted though,
neither did the vague nausea

dinner was missing a lot of family members,
enthusiasm, and any decent vegetarian dish
(the kale was cooked in chicken broth, woo)

my brother and i agreed: quite possibly the most tense,
awkward family gathering we’ve ever attended.

and we’ve attended a lot.

this year was the worst thanksgiving i can remember

but here i am, ending it on a sweeter note
than anticipated

i’m alone, watching parenthood on the couch

i’m still not feeling well

but i am thankful, still

i am thankful because somehow, i am still here, still alive
i am thankful because i have a family who loves me and supports me
(even when i am nothing more than a brat disguised as a grown up)
i am thankful because despite the very few options, i was fed tonight
i am thankful because each and every day is a new opportunity

i am thankful for the breath in my lungs, the colors in the trees, the heat in my home, the roof over my head, and the endless stream of ‘parenthood’ because where would i be without that?

much love,


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One thought on “thanksgiving

  1. I should be more thankful. I should practice that; being thankful.
    There are so many things I ought to practice

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