a lot of the time i tell myself lies

things like

“oh, you won’t ever be able to do that”


“man, this will never change”

negativity bogs down my mind,
seeps into my thoughts and actions

but i am learning the power of refocusing,
of redirecting my thoughts to positive avenues

that means i am seeing things much more clearly,
that i am choosing to ground myself in reality,
and not in the wild fantasies of my mind

life feels much more free here, soaked in truth
expectations are drying out under the warmth of a new sun

in the new space truth lives:

i am responsible for and have the power to change

my life
is mine

much love,


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One thought on “refocus

  1. I realize this, I have learned this too, yet somehow, I rarely ever think or feel myself able to act on this realizations. I freeze upon change when it is change that I deem necessary. I can do random, I can do fun, I can do spontaneous (all of which are also things I had to learn), but when I feel it is something drastic, life-changenig or even life-shaping, I do not make the step. And I simply cant grasp why, why not, when it is in fact what you want to do?

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