where we left off

travelling, friends,

oh, i miss it

i miss the ease, the uncertainty
i shouldered uncharacteristically

i miss the adventure, mostly

nearly two months ago i ear marked our story
on the beaches of nice

beautiful nice lead me to lyon,
a hybrid of old and new

medieval buildings mingle with industrial new era structures
ancient bridges connect these two worlds, both of which i explored

lyon introduced me to beautiful people (my couchsurfing hosts)

marie, lithe, bubbly, and bobbed,
ushered me in with overwhelming positivity

she made me dinner and baked a cake,
special for my arrival

william, music junkie,
spent more time with me than anyone

our conversations involved a lot of “ums” and “uhs”
because my french is not french at all and his english
is built like the skeleton of a building — hollow save for the foundation

still, i enjoyed his company,
the silly conversations and musical

he let me record my singing voice
and laughed because i couldn’t freestyle
or find a melody that was my own

in lyon there were music festivals
whose notes filled narrow streets and
the insides of coffee shops

i ate (more) crepes,
drank (more) wine,
ate (more) croissants

my feet found solace on pavement, gently gliding me up hills,
or walking, endlessly, flat miles

i fended off rain, who i hadn’t seen since leaving ireland

i met beautiful, funny french people
who did not understand my animated american speech,
but who listened openly anyway, smiling

i don’t know if any of these people i met while traveling
will remember me, the sometimes-shy american girl traveling alone with two backpacks (another story for another time)

i will remember them though,
and all the kindness shone my way

in total i spent five days in lyon,
leaving only because i craved sunshine and
a new adventure

the gusts of change blew me over to switzerland

where i learned some valuable life lessons
i will tell you all about another time

much love,


(p.s: sending my love to those affected by the hurricane on the east coast. hope you are all well and safe and dry.)

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3 thoughts on “where we left off

  1. your photos of these old buildings make me long for europe.

  2. I read an interview the other day with an artist who travels to Asia a lot. He said that traveling makes you more susceptible, because you’re continuously on the tip of your toes. Even if nothing significant happens, you’re more open to receiving its message. I think that’s how I feel about it too. That my senses, all of them, are more aware or alert when I am away from ‘routine’ and ‘regular’

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