we are softly being lulled into winter

darkly ominous clouds fill the sky now

the breeze is no longer sweet relief,
just another reason to grab a jacket

usually around the winterly transition,
a heavy foreboding sinks like a rock
in my center

i grow restless and edgy as i lose the sun


the closer we near five o’clock sundowns,
the farther from uneasiness i find myself

this is a welcomed surprise

despite losing the day,
there lingers a sense of gain:

the sharpness of the air cools my warm skin,
it asks me to be more present and alert

the outdoors call my name —
i find it more comfortable to move around the cold

warm drinks make sense again and
the thought of tea after a long day
brightens my spirits

as do scarves and layers and boots

foods like soup and potatoes and root vegetables
reenter my kitchen in abundance

metaphorically speaking,
spring and summer are the seasons in which
we, the people frosted over by winter,
melt and come to life again

retrospect points to the obvious:

i come alive in winter

california winter is not like new york winter
it does not snow,
white and grey do not swallow up the scenery

the colors,
muted and varied,
still the breath
on my tongue

rain decorates the hills like ireland
and every leaf left in tact glistens

there is something sumptuous about winter,
something deep and connective

the more the scenery changes, the happier i feel

i am a winter woman, after all

what are you?

much love,


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One thought on “winter

  1. winter is now my season too, more than any other.

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