another year older

today is my twenty-third birthday

i woke up to sunshine after
a night of fall’s first rain

what more could i ask for?

my heart is happy and full

in all its strangeness and
in all its challenges

feels spectacularly beautiful

last year i wrote a list
of twenty-two things i learned
in twenty-two years

this year?

i’ll write twenty-three

1) laugh
2) love — unconditionally
3) be open, be flexible
4) accept and receive the bounty and abundance life offers
5) open your throat and let your voice out — be honest
6) trust. trust your emotions, your relationships, your love. believe.
7) move with ease and patience. rushed endeavors usually have shakey foundations.
8) exist without expectations. “expectations are resentments waiting to happen.”
9) be curious. be responsive. you do not know what ought to be.
10) listen to intuition. the guidance of spirit will bring only great results.
11) the world is not out to get you. look for the magic.
12) reach out. help is always available.
13) the things that scare you the most are usually the things you should be doing
14) your mind, body, heart, and soul are all interconnected. your actions should honor their union.
15) silence is a gift
16) listen without judgement. listen and lessons will come.
17) everything is temporary
18) nature revives a broken and weary person
19) cherish what you have but don’t be afraid to let go.
20) the power of intention is overwhelmingly underrated. you have the power to actualize your biggest hopes and dreams
21) sleep. sleep detoxifies the mind and body and restores balance.
22) live in the moment but don’t be afraid to organize for the future
23) you should be the most important person in your life. if you are well, the whole world can be well.

i am so happy to be here today, to be alive and feel well. i am thankful for this life. i am grateful for this day.

have a beautiful monday

enjoy the peace

much love,


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8 thoughts on “another year older

  1. So, so wise. “Everything is temporary” and “accept and receive the bounty life offers” — absolutely resonating. Happiest of birthdays to you.

  2. happy birthday, wonderful lady zoe.

  3. “you do not know what ought to be”
    Thank you for that one.
    (Even though two words come to mind; ‘you’ and ‘happy’?)

    And no. 13? Ha…. Wake-up call for me much?

    Happy Bday love. I wish I could have toasted with you on this one

    • well you DO deserve to be happy :) it’s more in the sense of…stop controlling (cause i do that allthetime). and i also wish you could have toasted with me. maybe next year :)

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