i want to explain it like this:

i have a hard time with people
because i have a hard time with myself

(self-love begets love for all else)

on the days i am free —
peaceful, light, contented —
people are beautifully imperfect,
complete in their flaws

and i am okay

on the days i am skeptical, sensitive, attached —
people hurt me

i am critical, wholly unable to accept
people as they are

control and the need to display it overflows
in me, from me

differences root themselves into meaning
instead of being, simply,
a thing separate from what i know

i am free today





which is why, when my mom suggested i:
change my outfit
do “something” with my hair and
put on some make-up

in order to impress a boy

i only shrugged

my idea of beauty?

involves very little of that

and that’s okay

what i am learning:

people mean well
people are different

and differences?

differences are beautiful

allow them to exist
without allowing them to define you

just be you,

don’t explain yourself

just be

much love,


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2 thoughts on “differences

  1. People mean well. People are different. <– how often do I need this reminder?! So glad you felt free today and that you shared this beautiful philosophy with us.

  2. I love how you are able to express yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to figure out why I am so critical of people, *especially* the ones I love the most. And yep, pretty much the truth that when I am feeling out of control on the inside I desperately try to control others and everything just seems wrong with *them*. I wish having this knowledge was enough to change that about myself. But it’s work. I’m up for it!!

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