it’s literally so beautiful outside i almost started crying

wintry dusk has arrived

the house is empty space and silence

i am currently eating dinner (round one*)
(and not paying enough mind
to the food i’m chewing) —

roasted spaghetti squash**
with homemade tomato sauce***

today went a bit strange and lovely

(i made a hoop)

i’ve managed to settle
into the comfort of
one thought:

forgive yourself, and let go

love is for you, too

much love,


**does this really keep people full?
***i am never this fancy

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4 thoughts on “comfort

  1. Sigh. I love your style. You pack so much into a few, carefully chosen words. Thanks for sharing your thought of comfort. Needed to hear that today :)

  2. You are a beautiful human being. Love your words always. I’m glad to hear about your comforting thought! Thanks for sharing :) and haha I always wondered the same thing about spaghetti squash!

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