about that hoop i made…


i made a dancing hoop

it’s like a hula hoop
but it’s not a hula hoop

you dance
with a hoop

it’s awesome

my whole body hurts

(you can look it up yourself, but
this is a really cool video)

spending three hours circling,
barefooted in sunshine and grass and
musical notes from various throats will
revive anyone

there is a love unfolding here,
for me, from me

i am not love, truthfully

how can you be love
if you never let love in?

while i spun today, lost,
i felt love


i felt love

i am free, feeling
vibrant and vibrance

connecting your body to your soul
and your soul to your heart and
your heart to your mind and your
mind to your body

is possible

tred lightly,
go simply

with the rhythm of your heart

and listen

there is love in abundance
for every person you meet

choose to meet yourself

much love,


(p.s: okay, i cannot at all hoop like this but this is amazingly beautiful)

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2 thoughts on “about that hoop i made…

  1. Never thought I’d find myself wanting to marry a hoolahooping guy. Oh lordy!

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