what does one do?

what does one do


when one finds oneself,
rather suddenly,
without a job?

one falters

at least i did
on thursday when,
due to a work sustained injury,
i lost my job

the one i spent nearly forty hours a week at

change just gifted me forty plus hours a week

to do what?

to organize my life

things have been a bit messy over here,
hectic and tiring and relentless

initially i was mortified at the thought of not working

until i realized the real reason(s) behind my fear

change, simply

the routine i am accoustomed to no longer exists
the people i see every day i will no longer see
most importantly in this situation,
the cute men i flirt with i will no longer be able to flirt with

i am overwhelmingly relieved

despite loving my co-workers,
i know deep down beautiful people cannot and will not
be the best reason for me to keep a job any more

my heart needs to find me work now,
money withstanding

however long this break between jobs lasts,
i am welcoming it wholly

my arms are opened because i am tired
mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually drained

work preoccupied nearly all of my time, space, and energy

i am ready to quiet down, balance out, and listen to my deepest intentions

so i lost a job


here’s to change

what is changing around you? how are you reacting and feeling?

much love,


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2 thoughts on “what does one do?

  1. Your approach is so beautiful here. Every loss contains some sort of gain. Your brave honesty is inspiring.

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