it’s 10:30 on a wednesday

sunny, bright, and warm
even for october standards

we’re wading in and through an indian summer
i watch it pass behind wide open windows at work,
half listening to consumer customers who hand me twenties
with comments like, “at least you have windows”

at least

last night i stood under a full moon sky,
swaying and wondering and listening
to the breath of life and the churn of
indescribable change

this is the season of surrender,
of sinking and settling so sweetly

i’ve lost my suspicion
like the wind kisses and cleans leaves off branches:

gently and without

i exist with heart bare, waiting
with newfound patience
for a harvest and a spring yet to come

much love,


(p.s: this was incredibly difficult to write. i am having a difficult time articulating myself, if you can’t tell. i’m not trying to speak in generalities or with extreme vagueness, i just figuring out how much honesty to include. and trying to rediscover my creative voice because i lose it frequently.)

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