outside the world pulses

with the energy of the weekend
soft and sleepy and easy

i am bright after a night
and day spent in good company

often i am accused
of not laughing
like bellies and lungs are
supposed to
often i am accused
of spending too much time
with mouth downturned and head
too full

what can i say?

the world is a heavy place


silliness regrounds worn and weary limbs,
gently reminds the heart love can be light,

there is a reason we watch children at play in awe,
there is a reason we smile bittersweetly and sigh
about what a thing innocence is

supposedly lost to the transition of adulthood
is a silliness i am attempting to resurrect

one prematurely buried by serious intentions

laughing clears up emotional congestion though,
brightens dim spots and uplifts where lifting is needed

each time i ache with happiness,
i remember

‘hey, life isn’t so stark’


find a reason to laugh today

better yet

find two

much love,


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2 thoughts on “silliness

  1. find a reason to laugh every day :)

  2. love this. and thanks for posting that pic! helped me out with a laugh right there. :)

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