connecting to others words inspires me

(my girlfriends and i, circa 2007 new years eve all dressed up ‘clueless’ style)

(honestly, i am up far too late reading right now)

women are innately beautiful
femininity shows up in faces and eyes and lips and lashes
a gift men will never know truly
shapes our voices and hips and hands

we are quite lovely creatures

i dedicated the majority of my years and youth
to ballsy claims like,
“i really hate girls”

myself (much) included

envy, judgement, and
comparison worked their needles to
string together relationships
loosely stitched by common threads
of negativity

i cannot tell you the hours spent seizing up females
(with other females )

my culture* encouraged it —
this constantly waged war for ‘better and best’

women gave me deep anxiety

women gave me troubled relationships, fashioned
after stereotyped characteristics littering popular media

(the words ‘fake’ and ‘bitchy’ float to mind)


in the process of healing my relationship with myself and my body,
i unknowingly ignited the start of my healing process with other women —
releasing judgement released negativity

positive space welcomed surprising thoughts like,
“wow, she’s really, really pretty”
and more surprising after-thoughts like,
“wow, i don’t feel really, really ugly”

because i realized women are beautiful

women are beautiful outside of their breasts and their butts and
their hair and their clothes

women are beautiful simply because they are women

there exists in our biological inheritance
a sort of magic

my culture asks me to use it unwisely,
to cast it against my sex in wholly maniacal ways

i rather impolitely refuse to exploit my sex a single second longer

there is power here, in us
there is power here to reclaim our integrity

i cannot, for one moment longer,
watch women tear themselves and one another apart

we exist on the same plane —
we are all women

we are all magical

we are all beautiful
(soul deep beautiful)

its fucking high time we stop all this nonsensical competition
and unite to empower ourselves and the scores of girls yet-to-be women

we owe that to ourselves

being a woman is a powerful gift
i’m tired of treating it like it isn’t

so, to you,
lovely lady reading these words:

revel in, celebrate, and claim your womanhood

it’s a beautiful thing

much love,


(*i say ‘mine’ because ‘mine’ is the only culture i lived)

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