the point, again?

hello again

it’s been a few, hasn’t it?

before love and some words —
my attempt to reground in simplicity —
i wrote all over another blog for two years

quite revealing things
not because i felt daringly exhibitionist

but because i was practicing honesty and
figuring out the craziness that is my mind
each and every day

love and some words,
my newest space, is equally as personal
though i choose to withhold pieces now
while i explore a new vein of honesty
(one not quite so journal-eqsue)

one which includes the sphere of everyone
not solely my self

i know very few people read this blog,
a fact that delights and saddens me simultaneously

delights because — fewer people result in deeper connections
saddens because — justifying this blogs’ purpose isn’t fun, nor is talking into space when conversations are craved

i don’t know how to reach you, dear reader

each and every day i attempt writing and
each and every day i essential fail
my writing comes sporatically (can you tell?)
for various reasons
and when it does —
no one answers

which begs the age old question of,
who do you write for?
or others?

i am inclined to believe a little bit of both

i write because i have to (if i don’t i explode)
i write because i wish to explore ideas and concepts with other people

i genuinely want to know how you are,
what you’re thinking,
how you feel

yes, i operate this space,
i fill it with words and musings,

but i do not do so for just me

or, at the very least,
i do not wish to do so

what i am battling here is this:

do i continue to write in the hopes someone notices,
picks up my words where i left off, and fills in
the spaces my questions made?


do i continue to write openly without expectation?

for someone attempting to use her words to connect with people, to inspire people, to uplift people, to challenge people


where are the people?

tell me,

how do i reach you?

much love,


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6 thoughts on “the point, again?

  1. I think I write for both, too. “If I don’t write I explode” — that’s such a perfect way to put it. But I guess I crave human connection as well. And sometimes I second-guess myself because, well, I don’t get it very often.

    just don’t ever stop writing, please. I may not always comment but I always read along. Your words are beautiful.

    • debs! you just made my day. i always read your words, too. i check every day to see if you’ve written. so, i reflect that back to you — never stop writing.

  2. Aww Zoe… I think I have read every single blog post you’ve ever written! You are a beautiful writer! Reading your blog has really helped me look at my own life differently and has definitely challenged me in many ways. Although I don’t blog myself and haven’t really talked to you besides a few posts I feel like I have connected with you through your writing. You know when you read something and you just feel connected to the emotions and feelings the author conveys even if you don’t know them at all. I definitely feel that with you! I understand that sometimes it feels weird to do something and feel like no one even notices, but I think you affect a lot more people than you realize. I wonder if other writers ever feel like this. I have a feeling that most people inspire, challenge, and uplift others a whole lot more than they are even aware of. It’s obviously your call to keep up with the blog, but just know that I appreciate you and your blog! :)

  3. I love reading your words. I love your words. I love reading you in there.

    For whatever reason or audience you’d write (be it yourself or others out here on the cyberworld), don’t stop doing it publicly. Because then I’d have to miss out on it

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