this DAY

this day

(one of marin county’s many nooks and crannies the lovely people in my life keep bringing me to)

filled me up with equal parts satisfaction and sunshine

i tried hard to keep it bitter,
to resent the sleepiness i woke up with
and carry it to work

self-sabotage is becoming less of a repeat offender


early morning at work proved to be the perfect kind of quiet energy and
the sun shone bright and warm along the san francisco coast and
in the valleys of my hometown

sleepiness did not prevent an early release from work or
a blissful connection over coffee and between trees
with a friend recently returned home

nothing quite ruined the surprise my brother gave me by
taking a bus and a carpool to come home for the weekend

make no assumptions —
life is challenging

but the challenges feel in my control,

they feel normal, and natural

circumstantial of my age,
and person

even despite the days i wade ankle deep in anxiety, and
feel it washing closer to my knee caps,

i still manage to wind down

goodness is calling
i am answering

life makes sense
(be who you want to be)

lessons are being learned
(let go of all negativity, be it people, things, or habits)

reality feels uncolored
(accept your fault lines and the whole areas surrounding them)

i am happy in this discomfort

because i feel more gorgeousness around every corner

how are your days treating you?

much love,


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One thought on “this DAY

  1. Oh YES!

    You did find the words Zoe

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