early september

early september

feels warms and looks grey

life here drags me between
balance and disquieting
(what am i doing?)

i am wound so tightly —
the layers are heavy
and in need of a good shake

dust has long since settled

days filter by, though
i spend their hours awake in dreams
and the cool numbness of indecision

i remain decidedly

inklings of decisions who rattle
for attention

calling, “you want passion” softly
against the muffle of overgrown

in that wildness i hear

“you want to write”

“you want to love”

“you want to create”

new paths beckon
with fervent calls of freedom
i once dreamed about

here, i stand
before wilderness chained,
bound solely by the power
i’ve invested in patterns born
from those anxious pieces i’ve yet to burn

fixed under early september’s
partial blue,

with chest heaving,
i cradle thoughts like
“i can’t be what other people want me to be”
“i am not who i am yet”

words require action
to mean more than a summation of

the goal of
spiritual peace,
emotional contentment,
and physical balance,

will not be handed over like genes
from my parents

goes a long way

much love,


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