a word about yoga

yoga saved my life

three years ago i drowned,
submerged beneath homemade waves
of sorrow

i honored an ever growing emptiness
grown from an ever starving love

on a hot july day, i broke
between mountains and the bluest of skies

sadness sent up an intention
for healing

yoga answered

my practice resuscitated emotions
abused, numbed, and fragile
limbs gone too long without feeling tingled
i never realized how fully lungs expanded
or how fully my capacity to be alive was

on my mat i found honesty
i found strength and reassurance
that i was a whole person after all

with deep humility
i can admit
how very much i abandoned my physical practice

it happened last year
steadily and slowly
as i fell deep into another kind of
immobilizing depression

i lost strength
i lost flexibility
i lost patience
i lost grace

admittedly: i am once again a beginner

admittedly: i am too stubborn to be one


today i stepped onto my mat
for the first time in weeks

i committed
to an hour long practice

and rediscovered the joy of beginning
once more

i love yoga
i love how it has softened me and strengthened me
all at the same time

i love how it allows me to be
instead of asking to meet me
where i cannot

i am
and will
bring yoga back to my life

i cannot wait
to grow anew

when i come back to yoga
i come back to me

much love,


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