growing pains

growing pains used to mean my bones ached

but my bones stopped stretching a long while ago

now, my heart aches,
my soul stretches,
far, far, far

and leaves me exhausted

i cannot keep up

i am trying

the cusp of twenty-three
feels like the cusp of sixteen

i feel grown
and wildly hopeful

emphasis on wildly

because i am not sixteen anymore
i am moving closer to
more wisdom
(an age related gift)

i know now
difficult moments eventually lead to times
breathless with brimming happiness

i see bigger pictures instead of only
frustrating places i currently inhabit

things right now are far from perfect:
i hate my job
my voice won’t sound
i don’t know what i want
i feel perpetually misunderstood/unaccepted
i am sick/not sick all the time
and nearly always tired

i am growing and
the processes is not comfortable

change never is

my goal:
finding serenity in the chaos

i think i can do that

what are you experiencing right now?

much love,


(p.s: the thought of having to work in less than an hour gives me anxiety. i can live through almost anything save for work i loathe. why?)

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