a word about love and what it means to me

i try endlessly to understand people

(how i feel most days)

the sides from which to see things never end
two sides to every story?
dualism limits the mind

understanding people
helps me understand myself

in listening,
i hear

in hearing,
i practice objective

i am not the most important aspect of lives

the more i shed my self
the more i shed my negative ego

the one who wishes to categorize,
to project specific roles its written onto
people not up for the casting call

i am
letting it be

i am
letting go

moving towards universal love frees me from the confines of conditional love

my freedom
is everyone elses’

i release
people in my life
i love dearly

love isn’t about possession
(the most important lesson i learn over and over and over)

love is about carrying people with you
but never feeling weighed down

love is letting space and silence

love is being honest about fears and
addressing them without assumption

often i worry people will never understand me


often i never give people the chance

love comes from understanding
love comes from trust
love comes from opening

i am learning to understand
i am learning to trust
i am learning to open
every day

can you imagine what kind of a world we would live in if we all shared, simply?

much love,


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6 thoughts on “a word about love and what it means to me

  1. “love isn’t about possession” — god, that’s perfect.

  2. “to project specific roles its written onto
    people not up for the casting call…”
    this resonates so deeply with me right now.

  3. Your blog is amazing and inspiring! I would like to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Here’s my post on accepting the award. http://gratitudeiseasy.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/tuesday-evening/

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