dear john (mayer)

dear john mayer:

2001 brought you onto the radio and consequently
into my life

i remember when that one song, about you
running around halls of your high school open lunged,
invaded the space behind my eyes

i remember saying,
“oh my god i hate john mayer,”
with all the feeling and certainty a 12 year old has

it went on like that
hating you

until a friend who must know my soul asked,
“have you ever listened to slow dancing in a burning room?”

and effectively help shape the musical curve of my life

two months ago in switzerland
a series of misfortune lent enough misery
to my ego to throw a party

in pity,
continuum found me

you compromise roughly sixty-five percent of what i currently listen to

i apologize for judging you
solely on radio singles we all know
rarely represent an artist truly

sets something off in my soul

i hear you

the album
in its entirety
sums up the emotional me

you’re finding connections with strangers

i read your interview in rolling stone
you sound uncertainly proud and decidedly uncomfortable
i know people hold words against you but
i want a peek inside your brain

it sounds a lot like mine.

thanks, john.

sorry about the misunderstandings.

much love,


(p.s: yes. i am listening to continuum rightthisverysecond. thanks, again.)

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2 thoughts on “dear john (mayer)

  1. (1) I love him. (2) sorry I’ve been MIA…dealing with shit; what else is new?

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