a lesson

yesterday i played dress up

because i was down

it didn’t help

all day i waded through atmosphere thick with a fog anxiety releases

i ate too many cookies
cleaned my room
attended to my sore body with restorative yoga and
i even stepped outside for an hour long bike ride

nothing helped

until i settled into the mess and
allowed myself to cry
to be scared
to be disappointed and unhappy

immediately after that
i felt better
quite magically
the answer i desperately wanted
showed up

i went to bed early feeling
less stressed and
more peaceful

i am learning:

answers will come when i stop
sink in
and wait

nothing is forever,
not even the deepest vein of anxious energy

much love,


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2 thoughts on “a lesson

  1. Thank you for sharing – I like this piece, especially the title and the photos and the bit “allowed myself to cry”.

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