about honesty


words will not leave me.

sentences appear disjoined, the words
broken pieces i’m trying to make whole.

i carry around feelings without names and thoughts without foundations

i am heavy.

the more i listen
the more i hear

the more i hear
the more i want to say

i am trying to use my voice to shape words and
i am trying to use my tongue to deliver them

so i will speak,
from the heart

i am learning:
honest words help connect, mature, and elevate us to higher levels of understanding and empathy

listening objectively to honest words
helps me learn more about myself as well as others for
how do we grow if we do not discuss?

i am in a human body marred
by the impossibility of achieving perfection

we are not perfect creatures


through talking, sharing, and listening
openly, wholly, and completely
without judgement

we grow

through honest interaction with others, we gain a sense of our souls our selves cannot see.

in learning how to be honest,

i am learning how not to be afraid.

bear with me
while i wait on courage
and on words

much love,


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