to toulouse

the train ride from madrid to toulouse took 12 hours

for three of those hours i putted around a train station
listening to a new tongue and debating vending machine purchases
(purchases: chips and a kit kat)

every second thrilled me

window seats in trains keep me more entertained than television

i arrived in toulouse at 9:30 pm
(i woke up in madrid at 5:30 am)

i ate sushi at 10:25 pm

i fell in love with france instantaneously

in toulouse i
went dancing two times
grew accustomed to butchering beautiful french words
walked through narrow streets
sat for an entire day
felt uncertain in the company of strangers
flirted with strangers
enjoyed simple, tasty food

toulouse marked the start of my couchsurfing journey
the one that took me from toulouse to nice
we’ll earmark this chapter though

no worries
we’ll return soon
with stories about rocky beaches and uncertainty and aimless wanderings and italian food

soon, soon

much love,


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One thought on “to toulouse

  1. what a stunning photo, zoe.

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