happy full moon

happy first day of august

on august 1st two years ago
i was
“battling binge eating. really, really intense binge eating.”

i went
“from healthy, happy, and positive to bingeing, miserable and pessimistic.”

i felt
“so tired of being unhappy and unconfident.”

on august 1st one year ago
i was
“bulimic too”

i went
“who am i?”

i felt
“more confident in my person every day.”

i am
“happy, though thoroughly confused about everything.”

reflecting on the ends of major life cycles under full moons in messy rooms leaves me peaceful. there is progression in words. documentation of growing pains.

two years later,
i am shedding my skin


much love,


(p.s: all those quotes are taken directly out of my journal pages.)

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One thought on “happy full moon

  1. think about it every time you’re down, love. Look how far you’ve come.

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