sometimes i lose myself in other people

i sink into personalities people respond to
not necessarily the person i am
(who is that, again?)

often times i think people believe i am one or more of the following:
1) silly
2) childish
3) dramatic
4) emotional
5) dumb
6) annoying
7) neurotic
8) trying
9) self centered
10) fake
9) paranoid

get harder when you’re a shape shifter
and die hard people pleaser


much love,


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5 thoughts on “relationships

  1. I totally can relate to this.
    It’s exhausting and as time passes it can get frustrating for everyone involved.

    I hope you can see clearer what a wonderful person you are soon. Be proud and dare to be yourself.
    Much love

  2. 1) silly – we are all silly sometimes. Life would be so boring if everything was super serious 24/7.
    2) childish – incredibly mature. You’ve lived a lot for someone your age.
    3) dramatic – not at all. What you describe is real, not an exaggeration, because otherwise how is it that I relate to it so well?
    4) emotional – in tune with your feelings.
    5) dumb – incredibly smart and introspective.
    6) annoying – nope, I look forward to our conversations every day.
    7) neurotic – anxious, but that’s okay. So am I, and I’m an all right person, right?
    8) trying – everyone goes through crap. Everyone struggles. I wouldn’t be able to relate to someone that never went through anything, and I suspect most others wouldn’t either.
    9) self centered – I already told you. You don’t love yourself enough. You don’t put yourself first. You cannot possibly be self-centered.
    10) fake – you’re probably one of the most real people I know. You tell it like it is.

  3. Somehow I read: “sometimes i love myself in other people”
    And that, too, made perfect sense

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