mercury retrograde

mercury retrograde has got me down


coupled with saturn weighing down on me (going strong since 2009!)


i feel like shit (!)


i am

settling into a new routine (i just moved and started a new job)

experiencing heartbreak
over broken expectations,

over thinking and
under sleeping

not drinking enough water
or moving
(though yoga this morning helped)

i am sad
not depressed sad
i am sad like
someone who just waved goodbye to a lover
for an extended stretch of time

the kind where the heart thinks
“this will be forever”
the kind where
you wake up one day
at the sensation of peace in your chest

mercury retrograde

saturn leaves me
october 5th

i cannot wait
to wake up and breathe

do you feel the effects of retrogrades? what do you do to ease the discomfort?

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4 thoughts on “mercury retrograde

  1. I don’t know what to say except…you’ll be okay. You have it in you to get out of this funk. You don’t have to wait until August 8th or October 5th :)

  2. I know the feeling…kind of. I’m sad at the moment. Nothing needing my immediate attention but it’s strange, unfounded (again, kind of), and unshakable. I’m in a rut of not “moving”. Not with purpose and feeling. I think I may go out for a run and see if I can outrun the blues. I would prescribe something a similar treatment for you. Not running, but doing something with passion! Anyways, this always helps me when I’m down:

    Cheer up chica ;)

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