spain hoodwinked my heart before i landed

those mountains
those red topped roofs
those blue lapping ocean waves

that sunshine

the sweater i wore on the plane was useless
eighty degree early evening warmth enveloped me
i was blinded by sun (now a stranger)

after collecting the grey pack holding
my life in material
i walked outside
stood a moment
shook out of nervousness and
the realization that
no one spoke english

broken spanish found
broken english
and broken directions
turned whole

right after sundown i walked into my hostel

in the shower i met two girls
(because this is where you meet people in hostels)
downstairs i met two boys
(because this is where you meet people in hostels)
later in the week i met a group of people
(my first experience with couchsurfing via events)

the group of people became
the people i spent my time in barcelona with

in spain
in barcelona
i learned

confidence in personal ability comes directly from doing

(i saw a heart everysingleday on my travels in everysinglecity)

after barcelona i spent two days walking around madrid
a bit bored and

(inside the madrid metro street artists hop on and off)

so i packed up and left
for france
on a whim

after a long and beautiful train ride, i ended up in toulouse

more on that later

have you ever been to spain? what did you think?

much love,


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8 thoughts on “spain

  1. Man, I looooove Barcelona. I haven’t been anywhere else in Spain, but I could definitely live in Barcelona.

  2. Barcelona is amazing. I wish I would’ve traveled it like you did. And the thing about seeing a heart every day? That’s awesome. A sign?

  3. jameswakeling on said:

    I love Spain. I just got back a few weeks ago from two and half months walking across northern Spain and it was the best time in my life, can’t wait to go back.

    • sounds brilliant! did you do the camino walk, or were you just exploring your own path? either way, i totally agree — i cannot wait to go back.

      • jameswakeling on said:

        Yep did the Camino, it was incredible, if you are going back I would highly recommend it.

      • ahh!! so awesome! i met so many people in barcelona who had just finished it. it’s on my list of things to do SOON.

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