creative constipation

i have a reoccurring fear

(i miss that ring)

about my words

about how
they’re not good
not even good enough
not good

there are moments when i recognize the creativity channeling through me

and then

there are the moments that make up the majority of my time
those moments where i struggle to allow words the freedom to move freely

for example

last night
i sat down to write
fully charged and
aching to spill onto an open page

then i sat down
and this happened

writer’s block
writer’s block
writer’s block
writer’s block

what am i trying to say?
what am i trying to accomplish?


fuck writer’s block

blocks of creativity
feel like
what i imagine
feel like
for cats

i’ve got something to cough up but
up nothing comes

only unbelievable judgement
bad posture

this happens

does anyone have any tips on allowing the creative spirit room to exhale out of you?

creative constipation is uncomfortable

much love,


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One thought on “creative constipation

  1. frustrating as it is, I think we just have to accept these down times…don’t force the creativity. your writing is wonderful, and while it may seem that more often than not it escapes you, I doubt this is the case.
    I am not a creative person. BUT, I am an awkward person. :) When I stopped hating and trying to change my awkwardness and started embracing it and thinking of it as maybe “endearing”, I started feeling a lot less awkward. This could be totally irrelevant to the topic of the post, but whatever the reason, I thought I would share.
    Loving your blog :)

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