you cannot deny the power of media

(my tattoo, up close)

the warper of beauty
the prepotent of stereotypes

it exists
to tell us
what to care about

(things like cars, more things, young skin, and being white)

open spaces dedicate themselves to advertisements
all over the face of america

the highways wear billboards like bright diamonds
they’re big and
grab at your attention

buses present them
stripped across their middles
like pagent girls bearing
their home states

i saw a cross burned into the side of a hill

in europe
i don’t remember seeing a billboard

i recall very few of my hosts claim
as something they enjoyed

i don’t recall very many televisions

living without
commercial interruption
for two and a half months

was something i think i will miss
for a long time

(here’s an example of how our media sinks into the collective opinion:
i read on a blog
“I don’t think that women with a pretty fa ce and an ugly body should consider themselves beautiful.”

what’s ugly?
and why shouldn’t anyone call herself beautiful?)

much love,


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3 thoughts on “advertising

  1. I haven’t had cable in yeeears and I do not miss the commercials. It’s always so alien when I do go someplace where people have TV since few of my friends do, and I’m so aware now of just what those commercials are trying to do and how.

  2. someone actually wrote that on their blog? Gross.

  3. The only place in Europe I’ve been is England and you are right, they don’t have billboards…I believe they are actually illegal along the highways. AND that is something I noticed about the tv programming over there…not so many commercials. Money, money, money.

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