on april 21st i hopped off a train


with a heavy back pack
and heavier anxieties

i almost cried

i was dublin bound
for real

making my way to a ferry
toward a three hour slow sail
across waters i never dreamed

ireland is a gorgeous mess

i started in dublin

was very underwhelmed

and moved on to galway

and then to kilarney

and promptly fell in love with ireland

the pictures really don’t do it justice

after a week and a half
on the island
my body ached for sunlight


i booked a plane to barcelona
and fell in love at my window seat

we’ll continue the love story another day

what’s the best place you’ve ever traveled?

much love,


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3 thoughts on “ireland

  1. (1) I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland.

    (2) I swear there’s no better feeling than falling in love with whatever situation you’re in when you first jumped into it with SO much anxiety (which is totally how I’m feeling about my life right now – so anxious I could cry/am crying – but hopefully it will be well worth it) :)

  2. I’d like to go to Ireland someday. Unfortunately, I’ve never left Canada, and while I’ve left my home province of Ontario for Alberta a few times, it was always an area of nothingness haha. I’ve yet to see a mountain or ocean, although I am going to be traveling to Nova Scotia to visit my grandparents in September and that should be pretty awesome.

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